Just when your reality TV show hopes are shot to shit…

… there’s always Eurovision! Hurrah. And deux points. Yes, this year there’s a celebrity smorgasbord of celebrity scheiser entering our Making Your Mind Up show.

Hmm, who shall we choose?

Do we look familiar?

– Justin from the Darkness (this is the top end people), who will perform with Beverlei Brown. Yes, that’s how she’s spelling it.

– East 17 star Brian Harvey, who said, quite profoundly wethinks: ‘I know some people have been slagging Eurovision off but any audience is an audience for me.’

– Ex-Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, who should know better.

– Big Brovaz famous for ‘Nu Flow’ which went on to feature in a Halifax advert, and should really know better.

– Scooch. Yes sub-Steps Scooch. Who are probably just happy for a break from work ati Cafe Pasta.

– And pop newcomer Cyndi, who at this rate looks like being the best of the bunch.

*This is possibly our favourite story of all-time… Find out more and yes, listen to the entries here

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