Michael Hutchence’s fax to Kylie being flogged

A youn(ish) Kylie Minogue

A facsimile – written by Michael Hutchence of INXS fame and sent to Kylie Minogue of Kylie fame, when the two were LOV-ERRRRS – is being sold on eBay.

Michael of Hutchence of INXS

By Michael Hutchence’s brother.

Michael himself is no longer of this world.

Rhett Hutchence is said to be ‘selling the star’s memory on eBay’, and is including an original sketch penned by Mikey, as well as one of his t-shirts, as a job-lot.

Patricia Glassop – their mother – has disowned Rhett for trying to cash in on his dead brother.

‘I hope Kylie finds out and addresses the issue herself, because that fax is no-one else’s business,’ said Pat G.

‘Rhett’s gone too far this time. He’s not my son anymore.’


There now follows an artist’s impression of the fax of which we speak…

A facsimile




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4 comments to “Michael Hutchence’s fax to Kylie being flogged”

  1. I’ll give you eleven pence for it.

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  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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  3. A sexy fax that Michael Hutchence sent Kylie Minogue years ago is being auctioned on eBay?

    So now if you can’t find a celebrity sex video to post to http://www.freepornvideos69.com (NSFW) or one of the other youtube type adult clones you just auction off a letter or fax?

    Next it will be used tissue or underwear.

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