The best facial in the world? Quite possibly.

The Refinery, Mayfair. Fancy.

What was that at the back? ‘What would I want with a facial?

*hands over mirror*

There we go. Now there are your common or garden facials, mostly involving shite you wouldn’t even feed your goldfish smeared over your face; then there’s your Refinery Anti-Ageing Facial, which we’re loving for reasons including the following:

– You get it done in ever such a lovely gennelman’s club-cum-health spa environment. The pics here are of Mayfair’s Refinery. Nice.

– It combines fancy-pants technology and powerful natural techniques to redefine skin at a cellular level. OooooOOOOOoooh.

– There’s a bit of microdermabrasion going on i.e. Exfoliation that removes a whole load o’ shit.

– A dollop of Refinery Revitalising Moisturiser – with Vitamins C and E; Sodium Hyaluronate for skin-firming; and Creatine, which promotes younger looking skin – finishes off the whole lovely facial thing.

– You’ll get more shags.

A lovely treatment room

The Refinery Anti-Ageing Facial, £120

Refinery Revitalising Moisturiser, £32

For more info on the above, and to find out at which fine London-and-elsewhere establishments you can get yourself one, go here.

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