A night at the Madonna Museum!

'Freddy! I'm not changin' my show!'

Never mind Kylie’s old housecoats at the V&A in London, the clobber we’d really like to have a sniff around in (actually, rephrase that) is Madonna’s own personal, erm, Madonna museum, which includes pieces like the ones modelled here by Madonna Dawn and Madonna Jennifer…

Our Glorious Leader – also going under the name Madonna, Madge, mummy (if you’re Lourdes ‘Lola’ Ciccone) – has revealed that rather than send her used stage clothing to The North London Hospice Shop, she actually collects the schmutter in her own privately run and owned museum (also known as a storage facility).

‘I have an archive museum [told you!] in a warehouse which houses all the costumes I’ve worn on stage and in videos,’ says the Glorious one. ‘One-of-a-kind pieces and pieces I’ve always loved…’ Including no doubt…

– a mermaid tail

– a lacey mitt

– a mac and a mini suitcase for stumbling down hotel corridors

– a purple leotard

– a blue and white all-encompassing number made from natural fabrics

So roomy and comfy
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  1. I wish French and Saunders really WERE Madonna. Can you imagine that!

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  2. Oooh, loved that episode

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