Anything Madonna does…

La Minogue 

So Kylie’s doing a range for H&M.


Now as much as we j’adore her dinky little heiney and large teeth, when will Kylie of Kylie fame stop trying to impersonate Our Glorious Leader?

Let’s look at the evidence:

– The H&M thing. Kylie’s will be a swimwear range. Based on ‘Australia’. Thanks.

– Madonna does the SEX book, Kylie does the ‘Sex Tour’, where she wears black stockings.
*actually comes*

– Madonna writes kiddies’ books. Kylie, ditto.

– Madonna wears conical bras. Kylie, ditto, like a gazillion years later.

– Madonna sings songs, the gays love her. Kylie sings songs, the gays love her. One is, however, a trailblazer/vanguard/revolutionary. The other…. (fill blank accordingly).

– And c. and d.

ps. How fucking great is Coronation Street at the mo?


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6 comments to “Anything Madonna does…”

  1. Yeah Kylie, honestly!! Her music’s fun and everything and I do own most of her albums, but let’s face it – she’s just a puppet. Madonna’s the real genius out of the two. Though having said that, I’m quite disappointed with Madonna’s religious leanings and lame husband.

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  2. Who can think of an intereting thing Kylie has ever said? No personality if you ask me

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  3. ‘Insipid’ was invented for Kylie. Go on, love, do something controversial! And no, breathing doesn’t count.

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  4. Kylie rarely does interviews. Like Kate Moss. For good reason. They are both personality-free, and very boring. They let the media build up an image of glamour instead, and sell themselve off the back of that. Very dull. Plus what’s with those recent pics of Kylie? TOO MUCH WORK, LOVE … YOU LOOK LIKE WILDENSTEIN II

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  6. […] Kylie, in a break from her career copying Madonna, announced a new range of clothing with H&M. Oh, except Madonna had already done a couple of those. […]

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