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Fag Hag pops round to Wags Boutique…

Loving your wares

In the absence of any new Triga DVDs to keep me out of trouble this evening, decided to check out the WAGS Boutique to see how the common ladies are getting on selling dresses.

It all got very hair straighteners at dawn as one screeched, ‘You’ve done a fucking kiss ‘n’ tell!’; another accused someone else of ‘getting your tits out’ (surely part of her job description) and someone else flaunted a diamond engagement ring so vulgar, that Liberace would have rejected it on the grounds of taste.

In an uncharacteristic burst of genius, one of the WAGS decided to recruit some passing drag queens to model the shop’s outfits. ‘Who’d want to wear them dresses after people like that were wearing ’em?’ sniped one. ‘I don’t like that sort of thing,’ said another. Well, who can blame them? When you hang out with heterosexual men whose hobbies are assault, rape and adultery, it’s only natural you’d be appalled by a man wearing a bit of Mac lipstick.

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