Magical mystery zit-busting machine thing

Fancy zit buster 

Imagine the scenario. In a Clearasil-ad type way. You know, you get a zit and the boys won’t want to shag you anymore.

*sheds tear*

So anyway, you’ve got a pimple-ette or two, you fear your life is over slash don’t really want to smother it with cover-up in case you look like a girl/vain/David Platt off Corrie – but what the freak are you going to do?

Zap it with the magical mystery Zeno machine, that’s what! Hooray!

In a nutshell, ’tis the following:

– A fancy gadget

– That quickly stops them nasty zits ‘n’ blemishes ‘n’ things turning even nastier

– That works best if you catch the zit in its early incarnation

– That does the magically-magic thing by applying precisely controlled low-level heat to the pimple, causing the bacteria within said pimply to self-destruct.

– Hooray!

‘Parently, it takes only two or three 2 ½ minute treatments over a 12-24 hour period to work. And in a clinical trial, 90% of patients’ pimples caught early and treated with Zeno faded or disappeared within 24 hours.

And the cost? £129. Which sounds a lot, but add up the amount of lotions ‘n’ potions over the years… etc. blah.

Go here for more bumf, and to buy it.

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  1. Let’s club together and get one for Winehouse!

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