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La Hag

Read an article today about a schoolkid in California who got hauled up by the principal and given a reprimand for saying to another classmate, ‘That’s so gay’. Apparently, the parents are suing their arse as they think, in the words of Supernanny, it’s a bit unasspeptable.

Sorry, but I’m with the teacher types here – black mark her to hell and back, I say! I know she’s a kiddie and they aren’t very bright, but the phrase ‘so gay’ as a term of abuse is getting way too commonplace for my liking.

What’s the next hot new piece of urban slang we’re going to happily adopt into modern vernacular? ‘That’s so black’? ‘That’s so Jew’? Or how about ‘That’s so cripple’? Don’t feel quite so funny now, does it?

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  1. Well said madam!

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