Louise Redknapp isn’t the only one

…in the pursuit of size zero. It is v. popular with Hollywood celebrity dish Jared Leto also.

Ok, so one minute he looks like this and you’re touching yourself and everything…

Phwoar, hot damn etc

Then he does a photoshoot for some mag called Purple and he looks like this… and you’re not touching nuffink.

Oh no. No thank you

He looky a bit like Jason from Take That and should definitely lose the eyeliner…

There’s also a picture of him as a fatty.

Oh look, here it is.

Jared est un fatty


And there’s a story behind the above piccaroos as well! B’s’cally, he got fat to play the Mark David Chapman type person in Chapter 27 – they took a photo – then he dropped like eleven dress sizes – they took a photo – and so on, and so forth.



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  1. I’d fuck him. I’d fuck him and his double chin.

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