Flying, the Virgin way

Why settle for a dirty bagel and an atmosphere akin to the musical Oliver! (those pesky bloody kids!) when you could be reclining with a glass of chilled champagne, something gorgeous from the deli (that you didn’t even have to get yourself!) while your shoes are being cleaned and your cuticles sorted? Answer: there’s no damn reason in the world.

Wangle yourself a nice Upper Class ticket on Virgin Atlantic and as part of the deal you get to frolic in Virgin’s state of the art Clubhouse at Heathrow. Have a little look… 

We're not in Easyjet anymore, Toto


Looking like something out of the Jetsons, the Virgin Clubhouse is all ‘future retro’ with proper designer furniture, showers, hairdresser, spa, a deli where you can get them to whip you up a pastrami sandwich on rye – or pretty much anything you damn well want! – waiter and waitress service (keep that champers coming!) and, well, what is it you want to do while you wait for your flight?

The experience is so different from your usual ‘waiting for flight’ time that you – quite literally – will be hoping for delays so you can have dessert and maybe a little neck massage, all in surroundings to make a five-star hotel want to get its act together.

But don’t take our word for it… Check out this little lot. And book your flight on Virgin at

'Anything else for you, sir?' More champagne, sir?
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2 comments to “Flying, the Virgin way”

  1. Oh, god, you guys are killing me today. I want all these lovely things.

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  2. Innit pretty? Now all I need is some actual money to experience it first hand *sigh*

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