Prisoner Cell Block H(otness)

It's all a bit, you know, 'Oz'.

Do the words ‘correctional facility’ make you moist?

Does the mere mention of ‘incarceration’ send you into a frothy tizz?

If someone drops the soap is that your cue to bum ’em up the back bottom?

Then this might be the place for you.

Via that magical place known as the interdolly, you too can befriend slash become the potential love interest of somebody who is generally deemed a bad person.

But why would such pretty boys feel that crime is the answer?

There now follows our Top of the Clink Pops, all gagging for some downstairs business and/or a cuddle:


Darren. Or Dazza. Darren N. Greuber
Stats: 23, 6’2″, 228lbs ‘of solid muscles (sic)’
‘I’ve always believed in the words of Susan Hayward to be a cornerstone of life itself’
Location: Utah State Prison.


Go Tommy go! Tommy DeWayne Cox
Stats: He’s not telling.
Location: Draper Correctional Facility.


Hello Leroy. Leroy Patterson
Stats: 5’10”, 165lbs
‘I am a rare gem that has been buried.’
Location: He’s not telling.


Brian. Bri. B. Brian Godden
Stats: 24
‘I’m locked up for home invasion and assault’
Location: Delano, California.

Hello cowboy. Dylan Duke
Stats: 25
‘I don’t do anything half way.’
Location: Stockton, Texas.



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  1. I’ve just cum

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  2. Do they have beaches in prisons now? I might get meself banged up. Oh, and thereby banged.

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