We’re quite enjoying these at the moment…*

*not literally though.

Hot teddy action

Do you remember when Stanford had sex with the guy with the dolls in Sex and the City? Well, if only that queen had had dolls like these, there would have been none of those breakage issues…

These Teddy Babes are apparently all the rage with people who sleep with dolls that look like people. Highlights include…

Oooh, look away sir

– a velvety plush body that feels like real-life humanoid skin

– a face born from Jim Henson’s workshop

– a high quality fashion wig hair upstairs and softer velour business downstairs

– a Pussy Velour (TM) fanny-like thingy, which allows you to pop yourself in, pop your business and then remove to put through a rinse cycle.

Hurry yourself over here to purchase…

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