It’s like Botox, only without all the Botox business…

Manceuticals Wrinkle Relaxant Gel

Ooh, it's fallen over!

Getting a little, you know, creased up top? By which we mean your face? Tempted by Botox but don’t like the idea of:

a. Needles?

b. The loss of any ability to show emotion?

and/or c. The cost?

Enter Manceuticals Wrinkle Relaxant Gel.

*rapturous applause*

It’s a wrinkle gel (natch) that is a v effective alternative to Botox (in that it gets rid of your wrinkles big-style-y, without the pesky a, b or c business as outlined above). Developed exclusively for men, the magic bit’s down to Argireline – an advanced hexapeptide, which is biosafe (us either, but it’s forcing us to believe it) – and there’s sage and witch hazel in it and everything.

Stats say it reduces the depth of wrinkles by an average of 27% in just 30 days, and helps delay that annoying ageing thing.


C’est combien? £55

Ou se trouve, etc.? Here, or here.




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2 comments to “It’s like Botox, only without all the Botox business…”

  1. Has anyone tried Manceuticals? Seems too good to be true? My mate has tried it and thinks its worked well, but £55 is alot- need to be sure?

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  2. Yep, been using it too make my botox injections last longer between treatments, so I am saving money there. It’s working a treat!! It’s certainly worth a go xx

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