Fag Hag Diary


Fag Hag goes to a ‘pub quiz’. Breathe.

And olde pub sign 

Just got back from one of the most fabulously common events that I have taken to frequenting of late, the local pub quiz. The team gets the addition of some all important glamour kind courtesy of Simon La Gage, the gorgeous celebrity hackette.

Each week ‘The Lucky Bitches’ (yes, that raised a few wire wool eyebrows in the Crouch End ye olde inbreds’ pub I tell thee) put up a brave fight but this week, in the manner of Macy Gray, we stumbled and fell.

‘Name this person,’ said the quizmaster, who looks like Sid Little, pointing to a photo. And may the Baby Jesus forgive us, we mistook Myra Hindley for Helen Mirren. Entry level gay. A disgrace. ‘I can’t believe it, that’s my specialist subject!’ cried La Gage. Cue at least another ten pairs of the wire wool eyebrows raising in horror in our direction. Fortunately, we were able to redeem ourselves in our specialist subject later – big shout out to Christie and all at 10 Rillington Place…

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Myra Hindley looks nothing like Helen Mirren. She was much more glamour!

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  2. Where’s Consuela gone? I miss her and her nasty mouth. Come back!

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