Rehab bulletin #57287424261.5 – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has gone into rehab.

Which is :-( or :-) depending on which way you look at these things.

Blue's so Marc's colour.

‘Marc made the right decision,’ said business partner Robert Duffy. ‘Marc recognized the problem himself and chose to deal with it.’

Oh, good.

Some factoids on Marc Jacobs:

– As well as doing his own line of lovely things, he’s also head designer for Louis Vuitton. Fancy.

– He spells his name with a ‘c’.

– He is a gay.

– We’d bop him him in the booboo/be bopped in the booboo by him.

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2 comments to “Rehab bulletin #57287424261.5 – Marc Jacobs”

  1. You’d bop him in hte booboo. Sounds like a fucking loser to me. Anyone who goes to rehab is a complete fucking loser.

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  2. Losers have feelings as well, you know. Oh no actually, they don’t, do they? They do have cocks, though.

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