BFI Mediatheque – for your viewing pleasure

Everything you ever wanted to see – Lizzie Dripping, Kate Bush on Top of the Pops, Abigail’s Party – is at your fingertips at the BFI’s dazzling new media thingy on the South Bank…

Innit shiny!

If there’s a free glass of champenoise being poured, you can bet your sweet bippy the characters behind this blog will be there to try and carry four of them per person while pretending to listen to the speeches. Which is why we toddled off to the glittering launch of the BFI’s glittering new building…

So Anthony Minghella – without his cute son *darn* – the man behind such fabulous British movies as The English Patient and, erm, Cold Mountain (not the French & Saunders version) turned up to launch what they’re calling the Mediatheque down at London’s glittering British Film Institute on the South Bank (sort of under Waterloo Bridge). Just think a couch potato’s ultimate wet dream with the whole of the BFI archive – that’s a lot of shit, man – being digitised so you can just, you know, watch it. Oh, for free!

You just get down there, interact with someone who’ll show you round the knobs and bobbins and off you go watching all that stuff you never thought you’d see again, from crummy kids’ shows to rare performance footage to camp old plays from the BBC (we’re hoping to see Hartley Hare from Pipkins and maybe a little light Shirley Bassey Show, where she joined the Three Degrees). It’s already like the biggest archive in the world, or something, and now it’s getting even bigger. Hooray, etc.

Hopefully gay little Hartley will be there!

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