Celebrity smelly #7348547342 and a half – Catherine Zeta Jones

A Welsh female person 

CZJ, currently our second favourite ‘sleb acronym after SJP – or maybe our third, after RDJ (Robert Downey Jr) or even maybe fourth if we’re including SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in this ickle lot, and so on and so forth – is to release her very own smelling substance.

CZJ, who is from Wales but doesn’t live there much, is married to a much older man.

It’s not known what the smell will smell of, but it is known that CZJ – who is Welsh – will make lots of earth pounds off the back of it.

Other famouses who have recently inflicted smelling salts on unsuspecting 12-year-old girls include Kylie Minogue of Kylie fame, Victoria Beckham of Vics Rub fame, and Sarah Jessica Parker, of SJP notoriety.



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