Fag Hag Diary


The things Amazon know about Fag Hag!

Nice T!

Have just popped onto Amazon and was horrified when confronted with the details of my customer profile in harsh black and white…

‘Hello Miss Emily Dean. We have these recommendations for you. When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself, The Crimes of Fred and Rose West and The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio!

Fred 'n' Rosie - good with their hands!

Dysfunctional men, homicide and superlative oral sex – all in a day’s work for the Fag Hag really. But I was also proud to note my customer records included King & King, which I had ordered for my five-year-old niece.

If you’re not familiar with King & King, it’s my kind of proper fairy story: boy meets girls, boy decides he doesn’t like girls and boy meets boy. I was reading recently that the frock, cross and collar brigade are getting into a right old kerfuffle about it being taught in schools, saying it’s tantamount to ‘child abuse’. Perhaps they would prefer, ‘Daddy Sleeps with the Secretary and Mummy takes Prozac to Cope’.

Boy meets boy
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  1. Ooh, loving this picture of Miss Emily!

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  2. Brilliant!

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