No poppadoms but lots o’ nice gay jokes!

They may come over all outraged at Jade making a Shilpa Poppadom joke but The Sun is still very hot on a good ‘bender’ joke…

Ooh, you gay!

As a follow-up to their highly amusing/offensive ‘Elton takes David up the aisle’ joke, The Sun comes up with the even more pant-wettingly hilarious ‘Rear Admiral’ gag to accompany a picture of Sir John dressed up in military uniform for his 60th birthday party in London’s not-so-glittering Shoreditch. Because that’s all Sir Elton is: a gay.

All side-splittingly funny but where are all the jokes about other minorities? There must be some funny ‘darkie’ or ‘paki’ puns, surely! Come on Sun people, spread that hysterical bigotry around a bit. Gays aren’t the only ones with a sense of humour you know.

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2 comments to “No poppadoms but lots o’ nice gay jokes!”

  1. The Sun are absolute cunts.

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  2. Moronic aren’t they?

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