The Beckhams’ new home. Oh, really?

Lots of greenery, which is nice.

So this is ‘parently the place that David and Vics Rub have bought in London’s Glittering Los Angeles. It’s thought they’ll make it their home.

Some factoids on said home:

– It used to belong to Meg ‘I hate Michael Parkinson (honey, don’t we all!)’ Ryan

– It’s in Bel Air

– It looks like just some other whatever house, only slightly bigger.

– Pool looks a bit shit.

– Enjoying, however, the greenery.


But does this person know?

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3 comments to “The Beckhams’ new home. Oh, really?”

  1. I think it looks nice. But just nice. Not as nice as Beckingham Palace. And that’s not even that nice.

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  2. Hate that crazy paving round the pool. How council!

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  3. Is this more important than Cyndi Lauper doing a tour to promote Gay RIghts?????

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