The White House relaunch. V fancy.

Innit nice!

Clapham, London’s Glittering South o’ t’ River is home to the esteemed White House, which is set to be extra-esteemed-if-you-catch-our-drift come this weekend, when it re-launches with a super-swanky refit – at a cost of ¬£600,000.

*that’d buy you a few penny chews*

So anyways, the now-even-fancier White House, not to be confused with the home of that retarded person, is for those who don’t know a hybrid bar/club/restaurant and now includes a sexy top floor that’ll be the private members’ area, a roof terrace capable¬†of withstanding 200 real life people, and c. and d. Oh, and food-wise there’s yumsicle dim sum. Hooray!

Where's my drink, bitch?

And if you go here, you’ll find the DJ line-up, plus a lovely opportunity to sign up to their mailing list, for-to-receive information of the fun kind.

For member types. Silky shiny floor

Ou se trouve? The White House, 65 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7EH.
Telephonic device? 020 7498 3388
Tubery? Clapham Common

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