Dan Gillespie Sells

The Gorgeous Things Interview

(Or the lovely things that make a celebrity’s life lovelier)

Feel the quality!

Mobile Phone

I don’t wear any!

I have one from the Body Shop at the moment.

I think I got my underwear from H&M when I was on tour.

MP3 player
I’ve got an iPod but I keep losing them. I’m on my third.

Bottled water

Whatever I get given.

Hair care products
A little bit of Black & White.

I used to have a Post Office van until last year becauase you could fit all the gear in it. We toured the Alps in it.

Chewing gum
I don’t do chewing gum.

The ones that come free from the doctor with the lube.

Fast food outlet
I don’t eat fast food. Is that terrible?

Fizzy drink
I quite like a ginger beer.

Coffee shop
There’s one on Brick Lane but I can’t remember the name of it. I don’t really drink coffee but I like a nice cup of tea.

I never wear trainers.

High street store
I go to old charity shops so my favourite high street store is Cancer Research.

Colgate. I flew business class once and they had free ones in the toilet so I nicked them. It’s because I never get time to go normal grocery shopping. Everything in my bathroom is miniature. Not because I’m tight, I just don’t have time.

Marks & Spencer. They’re great if you just want a small amount of food. Tesco just design for families an dI don’t like the waste. Marks & Spencer are also green and care about the environment.

Toilet paper
This is a weird set of questions! You’ll be glad to know I don’t steal these from aeroplanes. I buy my own from Bangla Town Cash ‘n’ Carry at the end of my road. They do a really good deal on the one with the puppy. You can buy an enormous great big packet that I have to carry home on my head.

That’s such a hard one. I’m not going to get into the whole Jaffa Cake debate of whether they’re a cake or a biscuit. I like a chocolate Bourbon.

It has to be, and only because my taste buds are shot and I need really strong flavours, salt and vinegar Monster Munch. They make cuts in your mouth then the cuts get filled with salt.

Washing powder

Cleaning products
I use those green ones: Ecover. It does work but you might have to put that little bit extra elbow grease in, but that just makes you fitter and stronger. A better man. You’ve done something good for the environment and you’ve also done something good for your pecs. What’s the point in going to the gym and then being lazy with your washing up?

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  1. No mention of that pink jumper he’s wearing in the Marks and Sparks ad, then. Definitely a band for mums and dads to like, in hope of looking cool. Although I liked that first single.

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  2. im likein da dan gellesbie sells interveiw bit personal quetions dont u fink????????????

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  3. […] We love The Feeling, not least because gayer frontman Dan Gillespie Sells (this is him in a photo we took at the Stonewall Awards) is cute, well-dressed, has been going on Gay Pride marches since he was seven, has a lesbian mum (or two even) and is a big friend of me-me-me (whether he knows it or not!) […]

  4. i tink hes grt i luv the new sng he is sooo fit as well lol

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  5. he looks reli reli good in that pic im seein him in concert i cant wait oo and im seein him next thursday yay well not personally lol i luv him

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  6. I love band The Feeling =)

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  7. I love listening to the Feeling and i think Dan’s hot

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  8. woooooo i love dan and the feeling and i dont care who knows it!!!!

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  9. i love the feeling and dan and i dont care who knows it!

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