Gays banned from walking

It’ll be breathing, next.

Green's SO my colour.

So the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in London’s Glittering New York will be taking place this VERY SUNDAY. How excitement.

But anyways, the fun-ness of lots of people doing Riverdance business while simulateously carrying leprechauns on their shoulders…

*just up of the craic, etc.*

… isn’t open to homosexualists.


ie. Gays are BANNED from said parade.

This saddens us not because we want to partake. We’d rather stick pins in our eyes. But because it’s what’s known in the business as ‘discrimination’. Oh and ‘bigotry’. Oh and ‘retardedness’.

This year, openly gay New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn will be marching in Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day parade instead (the council employ nice types of people there), by way of a protest.

The guy behind this really silly ban – president of the NY parade’s committee, John Dunleavy – said the following, last year:

‘If an Israeli group wants to march in New York, do you allow neo-Nazis into their parade?

‘If African Americans are marching in Harlem, do they have to let the Ku Klux Klan into their parade?

‘People have rights. If we let the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organisation in, is it the Irish Prostitute Association next?’

Er, what?

Who said ‘cunt’ at the back?


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3 comments to “Gays banned from walking”

  1. What a total Irish cunt. Who wants to drink their dirty green beer anyway? Has anyone ever been in New York for St Paddy’s Parade? It’s like fucking Chav Pride. Vile.

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  2. I hate the way Americans tell you they’re Irish (or Scottish, or Welsh, or German, or whatever) just because their Great Great Great Grandmother was cast out their homeland for being a slapper and went to live in America.

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  3. John Dunleavy To be honest if this man tryly beleives that you can place GLBT’s in the same light as Extreme wings of socity who have in the past & present commted horrifi acts then this man is truly an idiot. Unfortunetly this can only be bamed on a poorly educated blinkered socity which is being breed in the so called land of the free, Any way whats wrong with the Irish Prostitute Association many a irish priest could have served themselves beter by visting them instead of there unaderaged charges!

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