The Eurovision Files 4: Liz McClarnon

The last in our series of interviews with Euro hopefuls before tomorrow’s Making Your Mind Up Show.

Bet Kerry's wild!

So, will there be lots of upset and sadness if you don’t win this?

Oh, God, yeah!

Who approached who to do Making Your Mind Up?

The BBC approached me and said, ‘If you’re about, do you want to do Eurovision?’ It’s dead funny because I’ve loved it forever, all of my life. I adore it! But I never put me and it together. It’s been really overwhelming for me. I’m just absolutely petrified.

Have you seen the others work their magic?

I have and they’re all good, but at the end of the day, I’m a pop girl and I have to think about which ones I like and I do like my own. But I’m probably biased. I do love Brian’s song though, so I’m a bit worried.

Are you going to do a Javine and get your puppies out?

I doubt it! Someone from the record label told me to strap my puppies in and the way the stage is set up I’m a bit worried about wearing a short skirt, so I’ve got to be very careful.

We don’t want any twanny flashing on the BBC, thank you!

God, no! I think I’ll put some knickers on.

So, who’s been your favourite UK Eurovision entry ever?

Sonia! I love Sonia! I’ve asked if I can meet her to ask some questions and stuff, but my manager’s like, ‘You just want to meet her because you’re a big fan!’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m trying to be professional.

Airm, sophisticated.

What advice would you want off Sonia?

What did she do for nerves, because for me it’s just pure fear. I wrote the song and I know I can sing it but it’s just fear.

If you’re scared now, you’re going to be shitting yourself if you get through to the real thing.

The funny thing is when I’m going abroad I’m never as nervous. Even in front of millions.

And how are things going with your new footballer fella?

Great, we’ve been together for about six months now. The first time I met him was actually in a gay bar! I’m a bit wary of the whole footballer thing but when I met him the second time he completely bowled me over. He’s been the sweetest, fabbest, most dream man ever.

So, you’re officially a WAG!

Ooh, everyone keeps saying that, it’s scary! Am I allowed to be? I’m quite friendly with a couple of them and they’re really lovely girls.

So, any chance of a Kitten reunion?

Never say never!

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  1. Oh, that is so GENIUS! Thanks for that clip. I haven’t seen it in years. And the song is actually better than Sonia’s songs!

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