A lovely station, an even lovelier bar

Love a good train station.

A lovely station

Which is why we’re loving the fact that people with money are finally sorting out St. Pancras station, otherwise known as the place where them Spice Girls people filmed Wannabe.

Them Spicies, inside of St. Pancras

It’s also tres exciting that plans for Europe’s longest champagne bar – to be housed in said station – have been released to a breathless public. At 90m long, t’will be v v long.

Here’s an artist’s impression. Literally.

Bit sketchy, but there you go.

St Pancras – in its fancy-pants new role as Eurovision Eurostar terminal – and accompanying bar will open in November.



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2 comments to “A lovely station, an even lovelier bar”

  1. Did you know that the bricks of the building are actually made of dried dead baby pancreas, hence its name. Sort of.

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  2. […] Queeny officially opened the brand-spanking new St Pancras station for trains today, deep in the heart of London’s glittering Kings Cross, and looked like that up there in the process. […]

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