How are you feeling…

… about the Scooch representing for Eurovish? We’re hoping they can drop a dress-size or several to look as erm, good as they used to (particularly the character on the left who used to look a bit bop-in-the-boo-booable before morphing to David Van Day-esque proportions.)

Scooch in happier times.jpg

Here are some other ‘interesting’ facts about our Eurovish hopefuls…

– According to the official site, which hasn’t been updated since 1922 when the band were last heard of and only then by some pre-teens and some gays; Antonio Banderas once borrowed Natalie’s lip balm and David loves bingo with a dream to star in a bingo ad with Jo O’Meara (he may need to rethink this now).

– Only one of Scooch’s singles ever went top ten.

– They are easily mistaken for Deuce but never for Ace Of Base.

– The group’s name ‘Scooch’ comes from a term used to ask someone to move up or along a bench or sofa.

– There is no truth in the post-band Bella Pasta story.

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