Naomi Campbell doing time. Hee hee.

Oh isn’t it fun to watch famouses doing things they’d rather not.

Lots of monochrome

Here you’ll find Naomi of Campbell, no relation to the soups it’s not thought, trotting off in London’s Glittering New York to wipe things and fiddle with a brush, for-to pay penance for lobbing her mobile phone at one of her members of staff. Said member of staff didn’t like being treated like a cunt. And who can blame her, pop-pickers?

We’re enjoying the boots, muchos. Very on-trend.

Do you think she’ll be having as much fun with her brush as these people are with theirs…?

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2 comments to “Naomi Campbell doing time. Hee hee.”

  1. She still looks hot, though, innit!

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  2. I think it would have made her think about her actions a bit more, if the judge told her to walk around in public for a week, without her weave-on. She would be fighting off kids spamming her bald head and thus get a taste of her own medicine at the same time.

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