Ooh, summink snazzy to put yer Oyster Card in

If we’re doing what Mr Mayor tells us, those of us in London’s Glittering London are partaking of the scheme commonly referred to as, ‘Oyster’. It’s very good.

What’s not good is the ropey old blue thing you get given to stick your Oyster card inside of…. hardly goes with your Gucci man purse, etc.

So hooray for Oxfam and all that, who as well as saving the lives of poor people, have brought out these:

What lovely wallets for your Oyster card

Which are lovely Oyster card holders, designed by famouses of the design world. Like Katharine Hamnett, Maharishi and Gharani Strok. Oh and FrostFrench, of Jude Law fame.

They’re £4.99 – hardly a celebrity price-tag – from here, but if you sign up to Oxfam’s ‘I’m In’ campaign (‘for those who believe poverty is an injustice which can be overcome’. Er, s’pose so) via one of their charity muggers on’t street, then you get one of ’em for free money.



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