Fag Hag Diary


Fag Hag mixes and mingles with the A-list

Watch yourself!

Last night, the Fag Hag found her little ole self trotting off in her 5 inch wedges to a party thrown by Gary Farrow, agent, PR and something of a mover and shaker to the A-list.

It had all the ingredients for a fabulous night: champag-knee on tap, reasonably fit barmen and a whole lot of famouses (not sure what the collective noun for them is: a neurosis, perhaps?)

Holding court on two corners of the same sofa were uber-matriarchs Sharon Osbourne, whose hair is fabulous, and Babs Windsor, whose hair is now so high it can surely be seen from the moon’s surface. Fag Hag also spotted Jeremiah Clarkson (chain smoking and looking vaguely grumpy), My Partner David Furnish chatting animatedly to Janet Street Porter and I even exchanged pleasantries with Gordana Ramsey, who didn’t let the side down by a). managing to slip ‘fuck’ in at least four time and b). looking really rather doable.

Things were starting to get so seriously starry that I was due a bump back down to earth. ‘Look, Sarah Harding!’ I whispered to gay pal James as a tall blonde walked past. ‘Actually, no. It’s one of “The Bitches” from The Star,’ he said witheringly. I felt it was maybe a sign to call it a night.

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  1. I’d rather hang out with one of the Star Bitches than Sharon ‘Best Celebrity Mum even though both my kids are fatties who’ve been in rehab but the time they were out of their teens’ Osbourne. Or Babs ‘no tits and yet somehow a sex symbol who likes marrying much younger men of dubious sexuality’ Windsor.

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