Reality telly news flash. Yey.

So ITV2, the one that isn’t ITV1, has a new televisual show starting in about, ooh days and weeks, where ten famouses (used in the loosest sense of the word) have to put together a ‘sleb rag-slash-mag, under the editorship of Janet Street-Porter, her of Essex voice and Elton John friendship fame. As a former, well newspaper editor (Independent on Sunday), this shouldn’t be too tricksy.

Hello Janet of Street Porter

Some of the ‘famouses’ that will be working under her include Darryn Lyons and Joe Mott.

*dramatic pause*

The resulting mag will be placed inside of Closer magazine. Which gives you an idea of the sort of demographic they’re going for.

*the staff room of Hull’s flagship Lidl is all a-buzz*

Such high-quality produce.
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