St. Trinians gets the Everett touch. Hooray!

Bunch o’ gay faves line up for the Trinian’s revival!

Girls will be girls

You can’t get better than Rupert Everett in drag and a bunch of dirty screeching schoolgirls…

And that’s what’s promised from St. Trinian’s, a new go at the old 60s movies about an out-of-control girls’ school, which starts shooting this week.

And if you thought the state of our schools had hit an all-time low, look back at those original 60s films about children making booze in the science lab, flirting outrageously with stockings and suspenders under their school uniforms and consorting with a dirty, dirrrty old man in a mac putting bets on for them…

In this new outing, Rupert Everett, illustrious bummer of cute ‘n’ other things fame, plays the dual roles of headmistress Camilla Fritton and her brother Carnaby, Russell Brand does Flash Harry (the raincoat person) while Lord Stephen of Fry is the Quizmaster on School Challenge… Geeeeeeee-nius, etc. But will they tone it down now there are real schoolgirls running through the streets of London’s Glittering London shouting ‘Kill him! Kill him!’? And they actually mean it! 


 Oh look-ee, more Rupert loveliness.

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5 comments to “St. Trinians gets the Everett touch. Hooray!”

  1. J’adore Rupert. J’adore Stephen. Sort of j’adore Russell. I’m won over already!!

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  2. No no NO! Why don’t they leave classics alone :-( Oh, and the truly classic St. Trinian’s movies are from the 50s, not the 60s, alright darlins ;-)

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  3. Classics!

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  4. 50s, 60s, Noughties… who’s counting?

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  5. […] This would be Rupy dressed up as a female woman for his televisual role as Camilla Fritton, the headmistress in’t remake of St. Trinians. It’s a hot look. […]

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