Men and mode

OK, so we usually cobble together ‘a look’ via Hand M, ASOS or the like but when we’ve got some spare dosh left after drugging, drinking, Thai-eating, going out and having a nice time in Soho-ing, we might spend some money on clothes that don’t smell of fags and business at Men A La Mode.

Lovely site, 'tis.

We may not be able to actually touch the fabric, ahem, but we think their collections of Paul and Joe, Ungaro, Vivienne Westwood and some costumes with brand names even the fashionistas in our office have never heard of are v lovely. Well done MALM types.

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  1. Looks v nice. Shame I can’t afford jack shit on there. Oh who am I kidding – I’d let my kids starve before I compromised the shirt on my back. Which is a hypothetical situation, by the way.

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