Golden Compass: v. excited

Anybody who has ever read Philip Pullman’s The Dark Materials is (and has been) living in a state of perma-pant drenching excitement about the imminent arrival of The Golden Compass this Christmas. It stars Daniel ‘phwoarsome’ Craig, Nicole ‘ice queen’ Kidman, a polar bear, some shape-shifting animals and oooh, lots of other exciting things that will have CGI folk working into the early hours…

*muses for a very long time*

*muses again*

For those of you excited about such things, here’s the poster and ooh, must look at website again….

Ooh, excitement.

For those of you not excited about such things, please move on – there’s a great Gareth Gates interview below. Thanking yous.

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3 comments to “Golden Compass: v. excited”

  1. Wouldn’t mind seeing Daniel Craig’s compass

    That doesn’t really work actually, does it?

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  2. If the National Theatre rendition (ooh, get me going down a theatre) was anything to go by this will be pantsier than a whole bunch of your grandma’s pants. Only more so.

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  3. I’ve heard rumours that the film is not looking good at all. I hope that’s not true.

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