Ellen’s new line in business


Ellen Degeneres – a lesbianos whom we just j’adore more than our own lesbianos mothers – has added another proverbial string to her very lovely bow.

Greetings cards.

By which we mean cards, with greetings inside of ’em.

Ellen will be doing the illustrations and the greetings and everything.

They may look something like this:

Hello pussy

Or this:

Gorgeous lady person aka Portia di Rossi

Or this:

Oh, kd....

Speaking of which, isn’t it nice pop-pickers, to see how our beloved high streets are being increasingly besmirched by the cacophonies of orange vomit also known as Clinton Cards. At least Hallmark have the decency to give us a frickin’ telly channel with straight-to-Sky films starring the likes of Jane Seymour.

We only use considerate colour schemes



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3 comments to “Ellen’s new line in business”

  1. Love, love, love Ellen!! I’d buy her cards.

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  2. Hooray! More Ellen business, I love her. She was the BEST thing about the Oscars.

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  3. Ellen – j’adore indeedy!!!!

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