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Wherein Fag Hag sees a fabulous new movie.

Nice dog!

Last night met up with the Rupert Everett to my Madonna, my fabulous hack pal Simon to attend a sneak preview of Sparkle, a Britflick from the posse behind Lawless Heart and also Boyfriends. The film starred Stockard Channing…

Stockard Channing is one of my heroines (the woman only provided me with my goddam motto for life: ‘There are worse things I could do than go with a boy or two’) and Anthony Head, who looks like the woodwork teacher you hope will make an inappropriate pass at you. So there was no way I was giving that little cinematic baby a miss.

I wasn’t perfect and like Russell Brand I had a few issues (such as location budget restrictions meaning a chic London PR had an office which looked like a 70s Inland Revenue building) but it was a sweet, feel-good romp, just like a night with me, I like to think.

The overriding feeling I came away with was how nice to see a film where a woman over 50 is allowed to be seen enjoying an active sex life with a young hottie rather than being a shrewish mother-in-law who’s grateful because some flabby Jack Nicholson type gives her a sympathy shag.

And what an added treat to see Anthony la Head playing one of the gays as Stockard’s queeny brother – loving his Phil Oakey eyeliner work and Rico-from-Copacabana purple satin shirt with more man-made fibres than a Girls Aloud wardrobe fitting…

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  1. I too would like a Rupert Everett to my Madonna. Or even just my Julia Roberts.

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