Some clothing by SJP

Does a piece of clothing excite you?

How about if it was less than $20 and it was created by the fair hand of SJP, who once wore very exciting clothes on a TV shown known as SATC.

Yes friends, this is Bitten, the new range drawn, coloured in and sewn endorsed by the actress-cum-perfumier-cum-big headed lovely, available Stateside.

Maybe you could wear it with a rosette…

This is what a website looks like

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the interweb Gwyneth Paltrow has ordered one of everything from Madge’s Hand M range.

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3 comments to “Some clothing by SJP”

  1. Go SJP go!

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  2. Not fair, I want some!

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  3. She’s really pushing the envelope, isn’t she? Flip-flops. Amazing. And as for those shorts, she must have toiled for months. Are you sure she hasn’t been to the new Primark on Oxford Street you’ve been talking about?

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