Madonna and Justin. Together. OooooOOOOOoooooh.

Hello madam

Madonna-slash-OGL is ‘parently getting TOGETHER avec Justin Timberlake, for business of the musical kind.

That Timbaland producer fella, who is neither Justin Timberlake nor England, Ireland or Scotland, is said to be working on said collabo.

Oh good.

And here’s some semi-related business, that also includes semi-nude-ness. Hooray!

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3 comments to “Madonna and Justin. Together. OooooOOOOOoooooh.”

  1. Yey! I’d like to ‘collabo’ with Justin. Oh yes I would.

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  2. Timbaland is also working with Bjork on her new album. Keeping busy then.

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  3. *sigh* WHEN WILL SHE LEARN? You can’t buy cool! The last time she tried a hint of hip-hop it was called the Erotica album, and not very good. And just to think it was all going so well, post American Life.

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