Oh how we j’adore a list of non-entities

Who can say? 

And these would be the ‘contestants’ on upcoming televisual delight going by the name of ‘But Can They Hack It?’. Which is a cunning play on words. ‘Play on words’ is itself another cunning pun-type linguistic construction. At which point our brains self-combust owing to over-use.

Anways, the list of famouses-ish that will be starring-ish in this show of which we speak are dot-dot-dot:

– Abi ‘who knew!’ Titmuss

– Dean ‘stick it up me jacksy if you please*’ Holdsworth. Of cute footballer ‘fame’. *Natch.

– Chris Parker. Of ‘Benders fame. What?

– Dom ‘stop shouting’ Joly

– Yvette Fielding. Blue Peter’s gone down hill since her day…

– Iwan ‘yes we would’ Thomas

– Imogen ‘we’re assuming daugher of…’ Lloyd Webber

– Lisa I’Anson. No witticisms spring to mind.

– Ingrid ‘I may be divorcing him but I’m keeping the name’ Tarrant

– Blair ‘huh?!’ McDonough

– And c. and d.


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  1. I’m so excited i’ve weed myself

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