Tate Modern Two

Fancy-pants architects Herzog and de Meuron have only gone and designed an extension to the already genius Tate Modern, and it goes something like this:

Ooooh, we likey

The idea is that the extra bit will be a bunch of glass boxes stacked in a 250ft high pyramid, will increase capacity by 60%, will be done ‘n’ dusted by 2012, and will look something like this of an evening:

Tate Modern Two of an evening

No news as of yet as to which nice glass box will house the food.

More bumf would be found here.

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2 comments to “Tate Modern Two”

  1. Ooh, liking this. Normally I disapprove of anything messing up the skyline of this part of the south bank, but I’m making an exception.

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  2. Hopefully it will block out the flats that some idiot has given planning permission for behind the building. Looks a bit Daniel Liebeskind to me…

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