Have a drink, be less of a fatty. Hooray!

Make me thin, bitch!

News has reached our very giddy environs at that post-lunch-slash-feeling-like-chunksters juncture, of a produit that might make us look less like any one of the munters off-of Trouts Aloud Loose Women, ITV1’s flagship daytime ‘discussion’ show.


Enviga is a drink for drinking, that combined with a lifestyle not involving Kerry Katona’s diet or indeed just Kerry Katona, should help you lose like, 60-100 calories a day.   

*rapturous applause*

A magical green tea/antioxidant/EGCG/caffeine combo does its business on your innards, in a way that not only excites but makes us scientifically more beautiful.

And despite not being able to find it in our local Sainsbury’s or indeed Londis 7/11, we’re guessing there’s hardly a celebrity price-tag involved.


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  1. I’ve just drank a can, and lost six stone.

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