Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, bummin’

…around together. Oh no that’s silly, but they are shagging.

Hello pretty lady

According to someone who knows someone who knows someone else, who only went and told someone. Gawwwwd, some people.

So the detalia go something like this:

– They met last year working on Rendition together. That’s a film.

– They started playing incy wincy spider soon-ish after that. Pigs.

– Reese is no relation to Weatherspoons pubs, whatever anyone says.

– ‘They’re 100% dating,’ that source-type-person did sayeth.

– Reese Witherspoon now gets to grope this.

Who shouted ‘You big gay’ at the back? Apropos to what, exactly? Gawwwwd, some people.

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  1. What a lucky long-chinned cow she is

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