Fag Hag Diary


Is this the next Mika?

Ooh, lady!

Just a quickie today but does anyone think that Patrick Wolf might be a nice new fag for me to hag?

Now that Mika’s gone and deserted me for America (please don’t let them corrupt him over there with clunky key changes and copious thankings of the Lord) there’s a serious vacancy and I love a lanky poetic boy with arresting hair who claims to be confused about his sexuality… is Patrick way cool or a bit of a fool? I need to know before I commit, dammit!

PS Oh, and what’s your fave cheesy, clunky key change in a song? Mine’s a toss up between ‘Before I Die’ by Roberta Williams and ‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarks Shoes of Enfield, although attention must be paid to the stupidly high clunky post-chorus key change in ‘After the Love Has Gone’.

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. I love me some Patrick Wolf. His album is awesome! Get it! Get it!

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  2. He’s not the new Mika because Patrick is good and original and interesting, and not a record company’s attempt to cash-in on Scissor Sister’s falsetto singer gayness.

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