Mars Planets. Yumsicle times a lot.

So there we were, going about our business as we’re wont to do during daylight hours, slipping into the local dolly newsagents where the man behind the counter gives treats for free money to females, when we happen upon a new produit that has brought sheer joy to our lives.

‘Tis this.

Mmmmm, etc. 

Mars Planets cometh in the form of balls – hence the planet business. You know, they’ve got a Solar System theme going on – that are either crunchy or chewy or a bit soft, like the bottom bit of a Mars bar-proper.

Fresh from purveyors of materials that have never been near our 100% organic allotments, Mars Planets would currently be our favourite not-particularly-nutritious but delicious edible goods.

And we’re now experiencing carb come-downs, owing to being pigs.


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3 comments to “Mars Planets. Yumsicle times a lot.”

  1. Ooh … have you tried those Wild Berry Skittles, too?

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  2. Wild Berry Skittles? Intrigued…..

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  3. They is WELL nice.

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