Scientists explain why David Beckham et al are style icons

*nods off*

Davideth Beckham

Ooh but anyway, people who got picked on at school have come up with a scientific explanation as to why the Dolly Beckhams of this world are our* style icons.

*Used in the loosest sense of the word. As in, ‘Speak for your friggin’ selves, people.’

Anyways, it goes something like this:

‘Innovators are the cool ones who ‘pump’ new fashions into our world. Most are ingored but some get copied,’ says a Doctor Alex Bentley, whilst readjusting his skinny jeans so as to show two and a half inches of his lily-white panties, as well as a hint of arse-crack.

‘David Beckham in the early 2000s was an innovator with his haircuts, but it’s change in itself that is actually in demand – more of less regardless of content. Madonna knows this – staying on top for two decades by changing her image constantly.’

‘Our research shows fashion trends are randomly copied and lists of pupular trends such as baby names change at a predictable steady rate.

‘It’s like Pop Idol. We can predict the steady production of new winners from programme to programme – but the randomness means we can’t forecast the particular winners themselves.’


Or, as we like to put it, ‘Just wear everything a stylist tells you and they will follow us, ’cause they is a little bit retarded.’


And to read more of this just fascinating article, go to this place.

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