Avril Lavigne – exclusive!

Sk8ter grrrrrl is back – only this time she’s all sophisticated!


‘These guys wanted me to sign something so I wrote ‘Fuck you! Fuck you!” The girl’s got it going on…

So, is being a married lady changing anything for you?
That’s the question everyone’s asking and do you know what? No! I don’t think being married or being with Deryk [from punk band Sum 41] has had that much of an influence on the music. My record is not like a love record at all. The two love songs on there are not mushy at all.

Why not? Maybe he was expecting mushy? Mushy would be lame. It would be kind of weird.

You’re a movie star as well as a rocker now. Is that a different ball game?Well, I can’t walk on the movie set like I’m the shit, you know, like I’m this big fucking movie star, because I’m not.

And you’re working with characters like Richard Gere already! I didn’t really work with him long enough, just one little scene so it doesn’t really count.

You’re in Fast Food Nation, does that mean you’re a healthy eater?Yeah, I like to be. I like to look after myself.

But you’re a bit of a boozer, aren’t you? In moderation!

Moderation’s no fun![Laughing] I think it’s important or you’ll end up in rehab.

How old were you when you started drinking? Probably since I got on the road.

Like 16?Yeah, but I’ve always been a good kid. I’ve never done drugs and I’ve never hung out with anyone who does drugs.

You’ve got quite a lesbian following, haven’t you? I don’t know. Have I? Maybe it’s because they’re girls and nothing to do with them being lesbians. I’m kind of tomboyish in some ways and people also get a kind of toughness out of me because I’m a strong woman and I do what I want and say what I want.

What’s this story that you spat into a paparazzo’s camera?
That’s nothing. I walked out of a club at two o’clock in the morning and there was this bunch of paparazzi who wanted me to sign something so they could sell it on e-bay. So I wrote, ‘Fuck you, fuck you’.

The single ‘Girlfriend’ is out on 2nd April. The album The Best Damn Thing is out on 16th April. 


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  1. I LOVE her. Totally unexpectedly as well. Thought she’d be a brat like the rest of those LA wankers.

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  2. She seems fun

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  3. She’s funny. Nobody has realised this yet but she really is.

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