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Fag Hag bumps into Jessica Taylor under the dryer…

What a CWAG!

So Fag Hag was in the hairdressers today (I know, I know, I’m in the hairdressers more often than Linda Evangelista in the 80s) when she spotted a familiar face on her right.

It was none other than Jessica Taylor of Liberty X ‘sexy lady love you longtime’ or whatever that song was-fame. She was doing what nice lady celebs in the hairdresser tend to do: chirruping away on her mobile a lot but she seemed very sweet and friendly and I was very covetous of her boots. I’ve heard that she’s been called a CWAG – cricketing wife and girlfriend – but can I just call time out here on this whole acronym thing? It’s getting silly and we need to stop it before someone loses an eye on acount of me shoving my heel in it.

I mean, whatever next? SWAG? Street cleaner Wives and Girlfriends? Or how about TWAG – traffic warden Wives and Girlfriends? I know, let’s have SOWAG – Sex Offender Wives and Girlfriends. On that bombshell, the Fag Hag is off to Antibes for a week. By by and if you can’t be good see you at my place with lube at 9. xx

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