Who lives (dot-dot-dot) in a house like this? Hint – Lindsay Lohan

Ooooh, fancy. 

So news has reached us of a new purchase in the land currently known as ‘Linds du Lo’. It’s her new – as they say over the Pond – ‘crib’, and it warms the cockles to know she’s not frittering away her gazillions of earth currency earned through sheer hard work, determination and talent, on sweets of a chocolate nature, hair-cuts and/or crack cocaine.


This place would be in London’s Glittering New York. Thoughts include the following:

– Nice living area. Clean lines, but a bugger to keep them winders smear-free.

– The gym looks like our local YMCA.

– The sauna also looks like our local YMCA, only without the cock.

– Pool’s kinda dry. Uncannily, also like down’t local YMCA, as it’s undergoing ‘refurbishment’. They’re re-grouting.

– The room with the telly. Nice take on the Barcelona Chair… anything other than black or white’s a big noooooo-noooooo.

– And c. and d.

Is that formica?! Non-flattering lighting system Ou se trouve le cock? You'll only hurt yourself!
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3 comments to “Who lives (dot-dot-dot) in a house like this? Hint – Lindsay Lohan”

  1. Oooooooh!

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  2. Living area is a little sparsely decorated for my tastes.

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  3. It looks like she just got a designer furniture catalogue and ordered everything in it. Looks awful. Silly tart.

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