Lady Bunny Excusive!

 We catch up with the caring, sharing queen of New York drag.

Every inch a bunny.

Lady Bunny lays into gives her advice to a whole new bunch of celebrities in the run-up to her London dates… Hooray!

Posh Spice
‘I was sick about hearing of these two when I was in England. Fat and jolly works for me so she should eat something. She’s so unremarkable in every way. Every time I see Beckham or Spice I turn the page. She’s doing what a lot of Hollywood celebs do: they get anorexic and get a boob job.’

Britney Spears
‘If I started getting out of cars with no underwear like that one they’d have to use a double-page spread to get my stretched out mangina in. I think the emptiness of her life has really come home to roost. And maybe the emptiness of her vagina too, because whatever you say about K-Fed, he is a god and from the few things I’ve read they did seem to enjoy sex a lot. Hopefully she can find a cheaper hustler who won’t make her sign marriage papers. But she was told what to sing from a young age, given an outfit, choreographed and now she’s got all this money and is free, I don’t think she knows what she is. She needs to figure it out. And I’m sure she’s worried what an impoverished drag queen from New York thinks about her. I’ve met her twice and she seemed very sweet. Just not very smart.’

Kate Moss
‘I don’t know too much about the junkie boyfriend but I love Kate and the way she was able to bounce back. The fact is, people use drugs. It certainly doesn’t seem to affect her ability to model and I’m so pleased she got her contracts back. And good for her if she really got them to pay double.’

Naomi Campbell
‘Well, she does seem hateful but you do have to hand it to someone who wears a gown on her last day of community service. That was extraordinary. At least it shows she has a sense of humour about it. And Boy George was great as well: that line about, ‘My dad was a labourer and my mum was a cleaner and what’s sadder me sweeping leaves or you hanging around watching me?’ I saw him out that very night and he sold me some… just kidding. But I was DJ-ing that night and refused to play his request ‘Clean Up Woman”

Lady Bunny will be in London on 16th and 17th April, performing new material at Soho Review Bar.

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