Madonna for Extras?

What, the gum?


So Maradona, of OGL fame, is poised…

*sits on edge*

…to appear in the last ever episode of Extras. Like, OMG. Like, O. MG.

M will head a list of A-listery on’t Ricky Gervais and Stephen with a ‘ph’ Merchant’s lovely comedic show, when it bows out for good this Santymas.

Ricky’s been after Madgery for yonks and yonks, or at least since they met at that Going Live thing in Hyde Park last year, and the deal, ’tis almost done ‘parently.

Other famouses that have appeared on the show include the following:

– David Bowie

– Robert De Niro

– Chris Martin

– Kate Winslet

This fella

– And someone other people

– But not this fella


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2 comments to “Madonna for Extras?”

  1. Genius!

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  2. It’s funny that French and Saunders have been trying to get her to go on their show for years. I read that the more she says no, the ruder they are about her and now they reckon they’ll never get her because of all the funny video take offs they’ve done. it’s a bit predictable of her to go on Extras though.

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