The madwoman’s underclothes

That’s a literary reference, that is…

Get 'em off!

Naomi to inflict her pants on the nation in a new skivvies deal…

Not one to let Kate Moss get the jump on her, super-dupermodel Naomi Campbell has decided she too will get her knickers out in the public domain (not that Kate actually wears any, if certain tales are to be believed…)

She’s apparently been working with designer Christopher Kane on a line of lingerie (we’re calling it now) and has been paying visits to him in his *gasps* Dalston studio to finger fabrics and go ‘No, no, no’ as she flicks through pages of designs. We await those bra ‘n’ bikini sets with bated breath/complete indifference.

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3 comments to “The madwoman’s underclothes”

  1. I already have some of her pants

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  2. When you say ‘pants’ are you referring to her 90s album, Babywoman?

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  3. That made me larf, Eric! Her album was truly awful. I have a few tracks off it in my iTunes just to remind me …

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